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Donnerstag, Dezember 06, 2007

WTF Joel?

Volle Breitseite vom Polemik-Meister Joel - bin ich auch so einer? Pointers konnte ich mal ganz gut, aber gefallen hat es mir nicht - missing that part of the brain maybe:

All the kids who did great in high school writing pong games in BASIC for their Apple II would get to college, take CompSci 101, a data structures course, and when they hit the pointers business their brains would just totally explode, and the next thing you knew, they were majoring in Political Science because law school seemed like a better idea.

Der Artikel bringt ein paar gute Verweise auf Online-Kurse für funktionale Sprachen und sonstige Literatur, die man als Entwickler schon mal gehört haben sollte:

Aber geiler ist die Diskussion (mehr Zeug1), (mehr Zeug2) (ja ich weiß, mindestens 1 Jahr alt..., aber seis drum) um Joels eigene Sprache WASABI und den Compiler dafür usw:

You couldn't possibly have heard it, but that was the sound of fifty thousand programmers' heads simultaneously exploding.

Writing your own language is absolutely beyond the pale. It's a toxic decision that is so completely at odds with Joel's previous excellent and sane advice on software development that people literally thought he was joking. He had to write an entire follow-up post to explain that, no, he wasn't kidding.

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