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Montag, Juli 09, 2012



“Well, you know what they say — no matter how gorgeous the gal, there’s always some fellow that’s tired of banging her.”
"I figured I owed you one. If I was going to make a pass at your ex and you were going to be kind enough not to cock block me, it's only right that I offer something in return."
Charlie: Well call me Mr Brightside, but I think we're making some serious progress here...
Marci: What? I'm not good enough to get knocked up by god? Fuck you! Some friend you are. Charlie: That monkey was a deviant and a cock blocker.
Marci: You remind me of Charlie physically. You like his fucking doppelganger Stu you're all bald and pear shaped and shit, it's really kind of creeping me out. Stu: Marci that all may be true but I'm also rich as fuck and hung like a moose.
"I stay, I wax. Take it or leave it." -Marcy "Alright then. The full-Kardashian it is." -Stu

Und es gibt im Englischen einfach schon mal Begriffe für den ganzen Katzenberger-Jana-Ina-Wahnsinn:

adj.) what results from pimping oneself out in the context of lowest-common-denominator pop-culture, selling yourself to all comers, living a life completely constructed and organized for this purpose"

Mit Ronny auf dem Weg vom der Elbe an die Reeperbahn, am Hans-Albers-Platz dann die Ansprache "Eh, sei doch mal nett?! Hast du deine Brille nur für deine Freundin?!?!"

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